With relentless dedication and a unified vision, The Sutherland Group leadership team is motivated to use their collective experience in forestry, transportation, logistics, and customer satisfaction to continually improve the lives of our team members, partners, and community.
Chris is co-founder and owner of the Sutherland Group. He’s primarily focused on driving and growing our customer relationships, corporate strategy, and new business ventures. He’s a creative problem solver with a genuine talent for recognizing needs and opportunities across various industries.
Chris Sutherland
Founder / Owner
Melanie is co-founder and owner of the Sutherland Group. Her day involves leading and supporting the accounting operations for Sutco. In addition to this, Mel also plays an integral role in the overall strategic direction of the Sutherland Group.
Melanie Sutherland
Founder / Owner
Doug is a partner at the Sutherland Group and focuses on the vision, culture, and overall operations of the growing companies. He leads team members in the pursuit of personal and professional goals that align with the Group’s vision.
Doug Sutherland
Michael is the CFO of the Sutherland Group responsible for financial reporting, planning and analysis, capital structure management, budgeting, investor communications, strategy, and corporate development.
Michael Borgh
Chief Financial Officer
Gord brings a process-driven, team-focused approach to the Sutherland Group as Senior VP of Operations, Kootenay Division. His expertise lies in sales and management, processes and customer service within the industrial sectors.
Gord Abernethy
Senior VP of Operations
Evan is the VP of People, Safety and Culture for the Sutherland Group and is responsible for recruiting, developing, retaining and the personal safety of our team members.
Evan Edbom
VP People, Safety & Culture
GeoLyn Mantei
GeoLyn is the VP of Marketing and Sales overseeing all brand and communications for the Group of Companies. Her expertise lies in corporate strategy, sales and process development, and customer engagement.
GeoLyn Mantei
VP Sales & Marketing
Justin is the VP of Operations for all asset transportation with responsibility for dispatch, planning, maintenance, and field level support. Justin performs planning and analysis, budgeting, customer relations, corporate strategy, and customer base development.
Justin McCullough
VP Operations, Sutco
Charlie is the VP Operations for BC Eco responsible for whole log chipping, log yard management, grinding services, and custom solutions for residual fibre processing.
Charlie Seddon
VP Operations, BC Eco