A Significant Collaboration Between Osoyoos Indian Band (OIB) and The Sutherland Group of Companies.

The Osoyoos Indian Band (OIB) and The Sutherland Group of Companies are proud to introduce Skemxist Solutions, a dynamic limited partnership poised to strongly impact innovation and sustainability in the heavy industry.

Skemxist Solutions - An Osoyoos Indian Band Limited Partnership

A Fusion of Tradition and Expertise

Skemxist Solutions represents an amalgamation of First Nations wisdom and modern industry expertise. This strategic partnership, born out of the rich heritage of the Osoyoos Indian Band, signifies a commitment to growth, strength, and resilience in the Kootenay, Boundary, and Okanagan regions of British Columbia.

About Skemxist Solutions

Skemxist Solutions emerges as a comprehensive heavy industry and forestry services provider, committed to delivering excellence in project consulting, road building & maintenance, drilling &, blasting, civil construction, harvesting, chipping & grinding, marine services, aggregates, and transportation services. The partnership places a strong emphasis on environmental and sustainable work practices, ensuring the delivery of high-quality integrated solutions.

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Skemxist Solutions: Pioneering Tradition and Progress

Embarking on a mission to blend the enduring wisdom of the Osoyoos Indian Band with industry expertise, Skemxist Solutions is set to create a legacy of harmony between tradition and progress. Their commitment extends across various sectors, providing exceptional heavy industry solutions while honouring the land, waterways, and cultures deeply cherished in the region.

Meet Our Partners

Osoyoos Indian Band (OIB): A Legacy of Business and Cultural Evolution
Rooted in traditional principles of hard work and a profound connection to the land, the Osoyoos Indian Band has evolved into a thriving business culture. The Osoyoos Indian Band Development Corporation (OIBDC) plays a pivotal role in providing jobs, funding community priorities, and investing in programs and services that enhance the well-being of their people. Explore the Osoyoos Indian Bands’ commitment to a prosperous future rooted in the protection of their past at www.oib.ca.

The Sutherland Group of Companies: Innovators in Heavy Industry Solutions
For over two decades, The Sutherland Group of Companies has been at the forefront of solving complex heavy industry problems through integrated management solutions. Established in 1995, our comprehensive range of services includes road building & maintenance, drilling & blasting, civil construction, harvesting, chipping & grinding, aggregates, marine services, heavy equipment repair, and transportation services.

As Skemxist Solutions takes its first steps, The Sutherland Group of Companies invites you to join us on this exciting journey of innovation, tradition, and sustainable progress. Together, we aim to shape the future of heavy industry solutions in Western Canada.

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