Values & Commitments

The Sutherland Group of Companies has been built on five key values and carried commitments that were instilled by our founders, are practised by our leadership, and shared with our team members, partners and clients.

Curious & Adaptable

Encouraging curiosity and adaptability in our team members allows us to stay progressive and deliver unmatched value to our clients. Rigid, static practices have no place at The Sutherland Group, where innovation starts with the proactive search for a better way

Safety & Innovation
We are committed to expanding each sector of our company in a conscientious and sustainable way, ensuring long-term success and profit in all divisions. We are not afraid to push boundaries and explore beyond what others in the industry are offering to be sure we bring the best possible outcomes to the table for our clients. Through the journey of discovery, we are committed to ensuring exploration equals safety for all team, partner, and community members.


We strive to develop strong, longstanding partnerships founded in trust with every one of our clients and team members. At the Sutherland Group we honour our commitments and aren’t afraid to take ownership for any missteps. Each member of our team understands the importance of following through on commitments, staying true to our word, and being a dependable partner.

Trusted Business Partners
We are committed to building relationships with our business partners founded in trust through open and honest communication. For this reason, we work endlessly to maintain open lines of communication with each client, implementing proactive feedback loops to ensure each and every concern is addressed along the way.

Humbly Confident

At The Sutherland Group we are confident in our knowledge of the industry and the intricacies involved in each of our offerings, but are humbled in the fact that while our teams are highly-skilled, we are all human and far from all-knowing.

Leveling-Up through Continued Learning
To stay ahead and maintain our humble confidence in our industry expertise, we are committed to supporting the continued growth and education of each of our team members by investing in ongoing training and personal development opportunities. We believe our strength lies in the calibre of our people; their level of expertise setting the foundation of our confidence in The Sutherland Group’s ability to deliver on what’s promised, and reaffirm our clients’ trust in our abilities.

Better Together

We know that the greatest and most rewarding success comes when we work together. As such, we are dedicated to maintaining ongoing teamwork across our network of companies to ensure the success of our organization, our team members, our partners, and our community as a whole.

Community involvement & elevation
Beyond making an impact in the businesses of our clients and partners, The Sutherland Group is dedicated to making a difference in the communities around us. Through our internal foundation, Love Drive, each one of our team members is committed to giving back to causes you know, and advocating for those you don’t.

Make It Happen

We are committed to delivering as promised, and through years of experience we know that obstacles and setbacks are inevitable. At the Sutherland Group, we come with solutions and are expert problem-solvers. It’s never a matter of if we will overcome, but how.

Exemplary Execution
We are committed to excellence in delivery of service and partnership, and our team of companies is constantly striving to meet and exceed the dynamic needs of our customers. From account management through to final project results, we aim to not just please, but to impress.